A & B Mechanical was founded in l952. It's grown over the years to its present size and is now under the direction of Gary & Derrick Sander. The success of A & B Mechanical has come from maintaining a consistent work load & satisfying our clients. Following the market and consistently being a competitive firm has afforded us opportunities to retain a core group of craftsman. This in turn has lead to greater quality, productivity & safety out on our sites. We firmly believe client satisfaction is a result of our employee’s commitment to the core values stated above.

Our focus is on providing mechanical & plumbing services for complex projects which require a high degree of skill & craftsmanship. In most cases our management team can identify problems or omissions with the design prior to installation. At that time the fix can be relatively simple and save the project money. This management style also helps to identify issues earlier on in the project when they can be remedied without costly delay. It has also given us a long history of completing projects on schedule & within budget. The best evidence of a contractor’s performance is customer satisfaction.

A & B Mechanical is happy to say that presently 100% of our work log is repeat customers. Many of which have negotiated contracts using the FLCC method. These customers learn to appreciate the high level of service they receive from both the office staff & the field personnel.